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The Triangle : Mingenew - South Greeough - Port Denison

Western Australia > Australia > Oceania
December 26, 2016 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0

A quick blast around the district for a counter meal at either Walkaway, Dongara or Mingenew, depends which way you're going.
Each leg has it's own characteristics. From straights, to flat weaving corners to highway running.
Cruiser or sports bike, fun both ways.

Up The Guts : Half of Australia Complete Tour

Western Australia > Australia > Oceania
December 26, 2016 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

A long trip, best done with a good support vehicle. We did it with a group of 13 bikes, 2 going two up and a truck with hiab and two crew. Cost was minimal as everything was pooled.
Plenty of opportunity to deviate off the road, split into groups, blow the cobwebs out, spend time in any location, heaps of good roadside camping spots, lots of bike friendly tourist parks and a general sense of welcome everywhere we went.
10500km of perfect cruising roads if the journey and not the destination is your thing.
Generally fuel isn't an issue if you can get 250km plus (mainly from Pt Augusta through to the NT border). 190km furthest between fuel stops on the Nullabour. Broome to Sandfire is the only issue coming around the Northwest.
Didn't see one highway patrol vehicle the whole time, and wildlife was few and far between (mainly due to good winter rains keeping the local fauna in the bush). Daylight riding only and the cows up north are pretty docile as they're only interested in lying in the shade.
We left early August and into September. The weather was clear and sunny the whole way. A bit chilly across the Nullarbour but turning left at Pt Augusta and it only gets warmer. Dry riding 90% of the way as we were just ahead of the heat and the wet season build up. Recommend taking a chainsaw for the first 4000km.
A great ride if you want to see how diverse the countryside is.

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