B863 : North Ballachulish - Kinlochleven

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BBR-David | September 22, 2005 | Europe > United Kingdom Motorcycle Roads > Highland (Scotland)
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  • BBR-David
  • RC46 4XV SR43a 750Sport
  • score: 6641
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Corners Star Rating Graphic (4.6)
TwistinessStar Rating Graphic (1.3)
StraightsStar Rating Graphic (2.1)
SceneryStar Rating Graphic (4.5)
VisibilityStar Rating Graphic (2.9)
Road SurfaceStar Rating Graphic (4.1)
HazardsStar Rating Graphic (2.5)
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April 28, 2022 - Star Rating Graphic

A wonderful road that runs along the side of the loch. Rollercoaster ups and downs with great, open mid-speed corners. Take this and the road on the other side of the loch as a wonderful "long cut" instead of going over the bridge.

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  • black-k1
  • Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE
  • score: 100
May 16, 2016 - Star Rating Graphic

Where I agree with the comments on here me and my mate rode this on a Scorching day May ยด16. Gixxer 750 and HP4. I have to say its way more suited to a Supermoto than a superbike. The road doesnt unravel into any real useful stretch where you can open the lungs of a superbike up. Too twisty, sharp and narrow for a large capacity road missile. That said not at all unpleasant to ride and quite scenic. It is a must ride now crossed of my bucket list.

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January 11, 2011 - Star Rating Graphic

The Kinlochleven Loop - Scotlands answer to the Nurburgring. My frieds and I have been riding this road for years ..never tire of it. We usually ride it anti-clockwise (Glencoe - Kinlochleven - North Ballachulish). Some great views on the first leg as the road climbs high over Loch Leven (but you will need to pull over to enjoy the view - the bends come so thick and fast you need to keep your eyes on the road). Ridden with gusto you will need to stop at the end to give your heart rest (better than any fairground ride).

Just do it.

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September 21, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

Awesome road with lots of friendly bends. Built by ze Germans in WW2. Virtually no traffic (even on a warm Saturday) as most now goes over the new bridge.

If you e a photo-junkie theres the viaduct just as you enter Kinlochleven from Glencoe and a lay-by just after.

Highly recommended.

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November 20, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

Echo all the coments above - do the full loop though, North to South Ballachulish (or the other way round).

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  • pete
  • Ducati 1098
  • score: 154
September 24, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

Rode this on the 13th September 2009,filled up at Glencoe village then turned immediate right onto the B863 to Kinlochleven around the Loch and back up to the A82.Its 16miles if you had carried on the A82 from Clencoe over the bridge its 3.5miles.to the B863 junction. So you wasted 12.5 miles.I dont think so.Im told that the B863 was the main road until they built the bridge.Well who ever idea it was to build the by-pass must have been a biker. It is by far tghe best road i have ridden on the British Mainland.Bends,bends,short staights,blind crests,dips hollows.Very technical a couple of rises will have the front in the air and your arse off the seat.Just dont drive past it on the A82 or you will never forgive yourself.Highly rated on a 100% good surface with no traffic so to speak of. Thank you Mr Macadum you made my day.

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  • Ozzie
  • BMW R1200GS
  • score: 43
September 20, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

OK, so Ive already reviewed this road, but having just returned from another week in the Highlands, I thought Id add my further thoughts. I returned to Scotland just for this single stretch of wonderful tarmac. This time on a Street Triple, and I have to say, the road is even better than I remember. Its 10 miles long, and after going round it about 6 times, decided to count the corners: more than 150. That means a corner for almost every 100 metres of road!!!! Tell me there are more corners in a road and Ill struggle to believe you!
This is truly the best piece of road in the world for a fast, exhilerating, exciting ride. Just can get enough of it.

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September 13, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

This road is fantastic. Ive ridden bikes for 20 years, and this road is now in my European top three. I live at the end of the Snake pass, and not far from the Cat & Fiddle, but this road slams them both.
The traffic is light, the surface excellent and grippy. The bends,..ahh the bends! One after another after another. Ride the road right and you wont have time to look at your speedo once. Some corners are a quick flick of the bike. Others have the bike on its ear as you hold it,.. hold it,.. hold it, then lift it up on the throttle.
The first day my friend & I hit this road we judt did it until our tanks ran dry. (Petrol station near by!). The second time we came upon it after 200 heavy miles done and 100 more to do. But we still peeled off and did the road. You should too!

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  • aran
  • BMW R1200RT
  • score: 2
September 12, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

OK, so this is my first review of a road, since I joined over a year ago. Ive ridden quite a few roads in Europe, and the UK, but this small circular loop has to be the best road that I have ever taken a bike around. The corners are orgasmic, with so many of them on such a short stretch of road that by the time you reach the end, you need a breather. Sit down on the benches opposite the Glenco Mountain Rescue Centre and absorb the views. Then just do it again!
The tarmac is superb, visibility good generally but with quite a few blind corners to keep your concentration up. As the road doesnt really go anywhere, there is virtually no traffic on it. The odd car that is fairly easy to pass. Its quite technical, but with some long sweeping curves too.
Have never seen the police on it.
Stop on the hightest point in one of the laybys and you do get the most beautiful view of Loch Leven.
Hit this road on a dry, warm day, and believe me, its worth going back to Scotland just to ride this one road. Love it.

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August 28, 2007 - Star Rating Graphic

Possibly my favourite single stretch of riding road in Scotland. Best ridden north to south (North Ballachulish - Kinlochleven - Glencoe). Well paved and dual track. North section is twisty and flowing with good visibility throughout. Often seeing 4 corners ahead. South section is faster, wider and lots of fine sweepers. Please remember, its a mighty fine quick ride but dont treat it as a race track or the cops will be onto it.

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  • Notarian
  • Ducati 1098s, Multistrada, KTM 950sm
  • score: 392
September 22, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

This road wasn't busy when I rode it and think that's it's normally so. It was a former main road so has a good construction. Some really good corners.

Motorcycle Traveller Avatar Image
  • BBR-David
  • RC46 4XV SR43a 750Sport
  • score: 6641

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