Itxassou - Dancharia Mountain Off Road

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Route Added By : Jp Fulvus
Date : July 25, 2012
Length : 39 kms / 24.2 miles
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Road Type : Trail
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July 25, 2012 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

This is a road through the Basque Mountains, so beautiful with a stop in a real mountain restaurant. Memoral for those who like nature and authentic tourism.

The roads are narrow. Theres 10 km of track. Need to drive slowly and brake with rear wheel. Can be done with any roaster.

Leave the D-918 at Itxassou.
Go towards The passage de Rolland , a natural curiosité, very narrow valley with a very narrow road.Beautiful. Needs to stop, when crossing a car.
When the passage gets larger, take the road on the right towards Le captage de Laxia, a spring water captage. Pass through.
About 2 kilometers after, turn right. Heres the point where you can make a mistake. So you better, ask a local your way to the Restaurant Saint Pierre. The road passes by. ( You can have meal in this small typical famlily restaurant, but you better reserve a week before)
Pass through the restaurant, leave tarred ( goudron) road for a track and reach the mountain pass (col dArtzamendi).
Have a look down south, theres a big house with a road that goes to it. It VENTA BURKIAZ, a other typical mountain restaurant with local food and wine. (best in autum, hunting season) Have Lunch. No problem plenty of place.
After lunch, go back up to the mountain pass and take the track on right that goes down. Follw this track completly down to the creek. I say completly...
Then turn right, allmost on yourself and take the the track that goes south, untill you reach another mountain pass.
At this point you will find back the tarred road ( retrouve le goudron).
Turn right and reach the N-121b.
Turn north and reach DANCHARIA, for free duty shopping..

Hope you enjoy, see plenty of sheeps, wild horses and vultures
Hope you didnt get lost.

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