Texas Hill Country : Fredericksburg to the Three Twisted Sisters and on (USA_TTC 15)

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Route Added By : rabbit
Date : March 12, 2017
Length : 468 kms / 290.8 miles
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Road Type : Rural
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March 12, 2017 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

A long and challenging tour taking in the best and most famous parts of Texas Hill Country This amazing 290 mile route takes in some of the best and most famous roads in the Texas Hill Country. Including almost of the ‘Three Sisters’ or Twisted Sisters route; a selection of 3 roads in a loop with many spectacular curves, views and drop offs. The route starts off just south of Fredericksburg taking a double s route south to Kerrville on some local favorite backroads. After that we join up with State Route 335, the first of the famous Three Twisted sisters, turning right to go north on the second sister (State Route 336) and up to Highway 40 before heading west over to the third sister State Route 337. The three sisters part of this route is widely considered to be, among the best, most challenging motorcycle roads in the state. Following and climbing jagged, steep hills. The roads offer many tight, twisty curves with shear drop offs alongside and not much in the way of guardrails. In one 15-mile section, there are approximately 65 curves. After having ridden the sisters, you can either choose to stop the route or continue west from Barksdale and pick up the excellent State Route 674 South to Bracketville (Image : One of the Three Twisted Sisters Roads; Credit : Jarob Fetters)

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