Torquay - Dartmouth - Torcross - Kingsbridge - Modbury - Plymouth ( Southwest Wonder )

(4.5) 70 kms
lipslamar1979 | November 20, 2011 | Europe > United Kingdom Motorcycle Roads > South West England
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Corners (4.5)
Twistiness (1.6)
Straights (3)
Scenery (4.5)
Visibility (3.5)
Road Surface (3.5)
Hazards (4)
Police Presence (1.5)


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April 29, 2012 -

This is a really lovely country/coastal ride with beautiful views, both coastal and countryside, at many points. It's a must ride.

It is better thought of as a gentle motorcycling road with many, many distractions - race at your peril, and if you did you'd be missing the point of this ride anyway!

Hazards and distractions include...
* Some sudden lovely views;
* A few good, reasonably fast stretches but with unexpected, very narrow twisties (think Devon lanes meets holiday route!);
* Holidaymakers by the score, both motorised and pedestrian, in peak season;
* Some farm traffic;
* Traffic jams at 'pinch points' in peak season that can spoil the flow of a ride (two oncoming coaches stuck in a village can get you sweating in the leathers on a hot day...!);
* Some parts where overtaking is perilous to say the least.

There is an enjoyable short, picturesque ferry ride (recommended) but that could be avoided by taking a (still pleasant and enjoyable) diversion from Paignton via Totnes to the outskirts of Dartmouth before picking up the original route. If you're on a sports bike, maybe the good biking Totnes route would be preferable?

The reverse route is just as enjoyable and pleasingly different.

So in my view, this is more suited to a pleasant ride-out rather than a cross-country blat, although when you know the road, there a few good opportunities to test yourself...

This route would suit tourers and cruisers rather than sports 'bikes, but the lads can still have a fabulous ride, nevertheless! Everyone WILL enjoy this route.

Thanks to lipslamar1979 for suggesting it.

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November 20, 2011 -

The ferry across from Dartmouth was £1.50 so have change ready also there is a motorbike garage/cafe (Dreambites & Dream Bikes, PL210SX) 3/4 of the way that appears out of nowhere, which provides everything you could need for a rest. Just beware that it really does appear out of nowhere.

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