A339 : Alton - Basingstoke

Star Rating Graphic (4.11) 15 kms
SpinDoctor | January 25, 2005 | Europe > United Kingdom Motorcycle Roads > South East England and London

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Corners Star Rating Graphic (4.6)
TwistinessStar Rating Graphic (1.6)
StraightsStar Rating Graphic (3.2)
SceneryStar Rating Graphic (3.8)
VisibilityStar Rating Graphic (3.3)
Road SurfaceStar Rating Graphic (3.7)
HazardsStar Rating Graphic (3.7)
Police Presence Star Rating Graphic (3.2)


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March 15, 2011 - Star Rating Graphic

Taken this route a few times in 2011 now the weather is getting better. Good open and fast sections in between 30 limits. Couple of lovely large radius curves that provide a grin. Be cautious of cross-junction about half way. Last two times had cars pull out on me due to not judging my approach speed. Tend to leave from Alton end and turn round at Basingstoke to return. On Sunday March 13th, prowling marked police X5 both directions, so take care.

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May 10, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

A nice fast road. There are hidden entrances and some blind corners to catch out the inattentive. If you keep your wits about you its a great road. Don be impatient if you get get caught behind traffic. The route has changes in elevation tight corners fast sweepers, the lot!

AS with all routes, take it easy the first time. Take it easy the second time...In fact this is the road to practice smoothness because your pace will increase the smoother you are and getting the corners right will have you screaming with joy!

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  • gghani
  • Suzuki M1500 Intruder
  • score: 6
February 2, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

My favourite local road, this is the one to have some fun on even while keeping to the limits.

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July 7, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

Very nice stretch of road - got to keep alert though, and a bit of a pain if you get stuck behind a car on the double white line bits...

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April 15, 2006 - Star Rating Graphic

AS mentioned before this is a great piece of road but will bite the unwary in the arse if your not careful. There have been several fatalaties on this road usually caused by cars pulling out of blind junctions with the normal excuse of 'sorry officer but I didnt see him'.It is also easy to be lulled by the open nature of the bends nearer the Alton end with a terrific road surface.On the Basingstoke side some of these tighten up unexpectedly with a road surface not nearly as good

February 6, 2006 - Star Rating Graphic

This is a very enjoyable road if you are paying a lot of attention, however its also a popular place to kill yourself, so be warned! The Police are well aware of the road's potential for fun, speed and accidents and so regularly put patrols or (more likely) mobile cameras out. These are most regularly found nearer to Alton - but not always. Take the road seriously & you'll never learn it all in an hour. Its worth a lot of study to really enjoy :)

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November 6, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

This is a notorious biker road (A339) with casualties too prove it and the police love to stake this one out. Got done here this year by a mobile unit, so watch out! The road is fantastic though with a particular section that has it all!

June 15, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

Continue on B3349 to A287 well worth riding.Police presence rare.

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January 25, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

A twisty technical stretch of road that's a favourite with local bikers. It's short enough to learn all the bends in an hour's playtime, if that's all you have, but links also to the route up the B3349 Alton to Riseley.

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