New South Wales Tour : Newcastle (AUS_TTC 4)

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BBR-David | January 12, 2017 | Oceania > Australia Motorcycle Roads > New South Wales
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  • BBR-David
  • RC46 4XV SR43a 750Sport
  • score: 6641
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January 12, 2017 - Star Rating Graphic

2 day trip. Steep climbs and descents, forests, eucalyptus trees all over. This trip of amazing curves takes in the famous Oxley Highway, arguably Australia’s best motorcycle road. The complete route detailed here is over 1150kms. As the route takes a birdsfoot shape it is possible to readily adapt it to what you prefer. The main route is a scenic and twisty way to get to Coffs Harbour from Newcastle and at the same time ride the complete Oxley Highway to Port Macquarie and back. The route from Newcastle to Coffee Harbour is in itself a gem, fast and slow turns, climbs, descents with plenty of nice cafes en route. There is a particularly good lookout about 55km north of Gloucester. Much has been said about the Oxley highway, it certainly is an amazing road in what it offers motorcyclists, a kind of nirvana and surely a must do in this area. As it is so far from Sydney and quite long it is rarely crowded and as there are many very tight corners the chances to get into serious trouble with the law are not so high. Weekends are obviously busier but then there’s also more of an atmosphere and more to see, so take your pick. There are nice views after Long Flat as the road climbs into the mountains and here is a also a popular meeting spot. The road is a mix of uninterrupted tight and medium tight corners that really flow and allow a good rhythm and great enjoyment to more or less all type of rider. As with all of these kind of rides, beware of wildlife during dawn and dusk periods and of course during the night.

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  • BBR-David
  • RC46 4XV SR43a 750Sport
  • score: 6641

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