Pomerode - Rio do Sul - Florianopolis

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3 star route rating
Corners : 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0
Straights : 2 star route rating Motorcycle Road2.0
Scenery : 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0
Road Surface : 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0
Visibility : 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0
Police Presence : green 3 Motorcycle Road3.0
Hazards : green 4 Motorcycle Road4.0

Route Added By : cadjuka
Date : April 23, 2013
Length : 251 kms / 156 miles
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Road Type : Mountainous
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April 23, 2013 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0

304km route
from turn off of SC.407 first 22km tar then goes to country farm grave rd.then from Angelina to to the turn off onto BR282 is great tar lovelly corners.the BR282 is also good yet is a major rd lots of trucks
but still a good rd and a few things to stop and look at.
that at the junction of Alfredo Wagner SC302 is tarred all the way but also has a lot of little villages and towns with traffic but not to much of an issue.on arrival to the Rio Do Sul the BR470 is a major rd with lots of trucks but is a still a nice rd though there seemed to be lots of speed cameras as a forigner im not taking that much regard for them.
then at the turn off for the SC418 Stopped for the night a Pomerode lots of german influence.

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