Dargo Run : Dargo Glenaladale

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AdamJ | February 26, 2016 | Oceania > Australia Motorcycle Roads > Victoria

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  • AdamJ
  • Honda VFR
  • score: 118
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February 26, 2016 - Star Rating Graphic

Came across this road almost by accident - and after riding it I was surprised to see that it hasn´t been listed up here yet.

This is a road to nowhere - a return trip (unless you have an adventure bike in which you can go all the way to Mt Hotham if you´re happy to do a number of k´s on gravel).

(If the gov´t paved the rest of the way - this would be the #1 road for bikes for getting to the alps!)

As for this section, the road is in good condition with a wide variety of corner types from tight right through to higher speed sweepers.

For all the roads I´ve traveled in this area, I´d have to say that this belongs near the top of the list - at the time of posting this, the surface was in great condition - much better condition than most others in the region. A very enjoyable run which I plan on returning to.

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  • AdamJ
  • Honda VFR
  • score: 118

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