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Bardney - Baumber

East Midlands > United Kingdom > Europe
April 9, 2012 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

One of my favourite stretches of road in Lincolnshire. It's an unclassified road so known only to locals but has such a variety of corners and some really fast straights. Be careful - there are two corners in particular that are sharp, virtually 90 degrees but are not signposted, and are not at all obvious. If you know where they are, they're superb but easy to catch first timers out. The road surface is remarkably good and the only Copper I've seen was the Copper who took me down here for the first time on my BikeSafe course!!

D999 : Millau - Albi

Midi-Pyrenees > France > Europe
December 7, 2009 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

A superb race track of a road, just keeps going all the way to (or from) the visitor centre under the Millau Bridge across to Albi. Easy to get carried away, speeds can get very silly because its such a fast open road. Change to the D992 for the Millau bridge visitor centre near the Millau end.

A75 : Vialle-Chalet - Azinières

Midi-Pyrenees > France > Europe
July 3, 2007 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.5

The A75 is (if there is such a thing), a motorcyclists motorway. Corner after corner of high speed open dual carriageway on very good quality motorway style surface. This section also offers easy access to the Gorges du Tarn and Viaduc du Garabit. The marked end point for this route is just before the peage section, but if you continue after that, it takes you over the spectacular and massive new Viaduc du Millau. Ridden at Dusk on a Saturday in June was excellent, no traffic to speak of

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D977 / N151 : Auxerre - Nevers

Bourgogne (Burgundy) > France > Europe
October 30, 2005 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.5

Take the D977 from Nevers to Varzy, then the N151 between Varzy and Auxerre. A fast sweeping road, scenery not spectacular but a road you can cover ground quickly without getting bored. Watch for a couple of speed cameras, one at either end of this route.

A52 : Grantham - Donington

East Midlands > United Kingdom > Europe
April 28, 2008 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0

Another nice Lincs road, especially at weekends when less HGV traffic. Some great straights, nice bends, mainly sweeping but a few sharper. Section west of A15 is my favourite - very few villages mean that good speeds possible which may be why there is sometimes a mobile speed camera.

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