Main Highway - Old Cutler - 9336 - Everglades

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Route Added By : south florida rider
Date : March 19, 2007
Length : 24 kms / 14.9 miles
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Road Type : Coastal
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March 19, 2007 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

South Florida is very flat. The roads are generally straight. However, the older roads are more curvy and covered with much more vegetation. You start on Bayshore Drive near the Rickenbacker Causeway and continue until you read the intersection of Grand Ave. and Main Highway (not a highway anymore, just an old road) in the heart of old Coconut Grove. Coconut Grove is the oldest settlement in South Florida. Main Highway will take you through thick tropical canopies. The homes here are old and wealthy. You'll come to a circle near a canal. Here you want to take the second turn-off and begin the eternal Old Cutler Road. Notice the ancient strangler fig trees that cover the road. You'll pass Tropical Gardens and private residences. As you continue down Old Cutler Road, the scenery will change as you get further away from the Atlantic Ridge, an expression used for the slightly elevated (20 feet at the highest) coastal hardwood land, and enter the flatter, watershed of the Everglade areas. Old Cutler will lead to US 1. Continue on US 1 to the big intersection of US 1, the Florida Turnpike Terminus, and Palm Dr. Go west on Palm Dr. and follow the signs to Everglades National Park. This road passes through Florida City's agricultural area. You will have to pay to enter the park. Park is best in the winter and during the day. To best enjoy the park, see the sunset at Flamingo Bay, camp there for the night, see the sunrise, and leave in the morning. This is certainly not the fastest or the only way to ride South Florida. It is a good ride for a cruiser/street bike. This route passes through various environments and municipal zones. I hope you enjoy.

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