Artist Loop Drive - Death Valley

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April 4, 2015 -

This "Artists Drive" is only a 10 mile loop but it is a "must do" if you´re in Death Valley. If you can arrange it, do it in the late afternoon (the closer to sunset the better ) because the colors are amazing.

Take Badwater Rd south from Furnace Creek. You´ll see a sign for Artist Drive but that´s the exit -- it´s a one-way road so continue south a few miles to the entrance.

After you´ve taken in Artist Palette lookout and start toward the exit you´ll come to a very narrow little section of the road that twists back and forth traversing a very narrow canyon. It´ll feel a bit like you´re doing a bobsled run. Never seen anything like it -- maybe the most interesting mile of road I´ve ever ridden. I wanted to go back and do it again.

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