Reeth - The Stang Forest - A66 (Round Trip from Scotch Corner)

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Bazwaldo | January 17, 2009 | Europe > United Kingdom Motorcycle Roads > North East England

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January 17, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

The Route: My dad used to take the family out in the car to do this run when I was younger and Ive always enjoyed it, hopefully you will as well. Nice mix of winding b-roads, with some straighter ones, with a great place to stop in the middle and a touch of single carriageway to head back to the start.
Ok, so we start and finish at Scotch Corner, nice easy place to get to. Take the A6108 from the Scotch Corner roundabout signposted to Richmond, passing through Skeeby. In Richmond you will come to two roudabouts close to each other, go straight over the first and head right at the second, staying on the A6108 until you head out into the countryside.
You will eventually come to a junction that heads off to the right. Take this juction, onto the B6270. Stay on this road, heading through Grinton and you will shortly arrive in Reeth, into the main drag. There is parking here on your left, a little cobbly though, and you can take a break here. We always used to stop here to stretch our legs and wed have an ice cream from the newsagents, haha I still do that myself.
When youre ready to head out have a look up the hill for The Buck Hotel, very easy to spot. The road you want now heads past the right hand side of it, uphill heading more or less due north. You dont follow the B6270 any more. Its possibly signposted to Langthwaite since youll be heading through there, but tbh i cant remeber. Anyways, continue on the road uphill out of Reeth, thell be a few little turns off this road but you need to stay on it until you pass through Langthwaite, as these turns are just to farms etc. This part is probably the part you need to pay close attention to. Immediately after you pass through Langthwaite there is a turn off to the right. Ignore this one and instead take the one that comes shortly after that, also breaking off to the right with a little triangular grass verge on the corner. If you do happen to miss this turn (and I do occasionally still, bah) dont fret too much. There are some great roads up this way, and if you stick to the road and dont turn off you will eventually come across the Tan Hill Inn. This route is worthy of a ride but takes you quite a bit more out of the way. so I cant go into too much about it here, so Ill assume you make the turn.
After you turn off here you come across a little fork/junction, bear right and continue on. There are some tight corners here and there but mostly straight or sweeping corners. If you stay on this road and dont take any turns off you will eventually get to he junction with the A66. Turn onto it right to head back to Scotch Corner. Stick to the limit here as Ive been clocked before along the A66 going too fast. Likely to be quite busy with traffic, but you can either filter or just have a relaxing ride back to the Scotch Corner roundabout.
Ok, so all in all a beatiful ride in my opinion, takes a bit of learning the route but well worth doing so. Check it out on Google Earth and follow the roads round. Please ride safe and rate. Thanks for reading

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