Knutstorp race track, Sweden

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Gnimmelf | August 15, 2007 | Europe > Sweden Motorcycle Roads > Blekinge /Hallands/Kalmar/Kronobergs/Ska...
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June 30, 2012 - Star Rating Graphic

Very nice place and nuce roads towards Kalmar.J

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  • Juhman
  • Honda BlackbirdXX
  • score: 83
August 15, 2007 - Star Rating Graphic

Ring Knutstorp is a relatively short race track (2.1 km) in the SW part of Sweden and relatively close to the city of Malmö as well as Copenhagen, Denmark. The track is located just north of road No. 109 from Kågeröd to Ask and just East of Kågeröd. Despite being relatively short the course is extremely interesting, challenging and... well... damn good fun! It has a number of extremely challenging combinations of turns and is pretty hilly as well. Look for a track day if you are in that area. Ride safely - but have fun...! :o)

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