Buckett's Way : Twelve Mile Creek - Taree

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Nindethana | September 6, 2010 | Oceania > Australia Motorcycle Roads > New South Wales

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September 6, 2010 - Star Rating Graphic

This is a nice ride, with great scenery, lots of corners, and despite some variability of surface, is a great road for a bit of sensible fun. Be warned though, I have been booked near the Northern end, close to Taree by a policeman who was hiding off the road with a radar. The speed limit on most of Bucketts Way is 90km/h, so it is easy to exceed this by more than thirty km, which is instant licence loss. I was done for only 20km over limit despite actually being clocked at 135km/h, so lucky, especially since I suspect there were some faster speeds before he caught me, so very lucky to have a nice cop.

With respect to him, he did make the point that parts of the road are not just farmland, but forest, with poor sight ahead, and potentially farm vehicles using the road, as well as kangaroos, though the animals are much more likely to be encountered around dawn or dusk.

Gloucester is a nice place to stop for a cuppa or the night.

There are a lot less police on this road than on the Pacific Highway, but of course they can be anywhere. Like most roads, they are more likely to be seen on weekends, when there are more people out riding motorcycles.

Have fun with it.


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