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B3162 : Chard - Bridport

South West England > United Kingdom > Europe
February 19, 2005 - 2 star route rating Motorcycle Road2.3

Whilst this road might be a bit uneventful it has a mixture of everything possible. You start off in Chard passing through Forton (WARNING - There are road humps through this village but a nice left hander in the middle). Cross over at the crossroads where you descend through lovely countryside into Winshim quite a small village, watch out for children in the nearby park. As you exit Winsham watch out for the right hander which tightens as you go round, I have been caught oout a number of times in the past. Straight after is a nice little crest over a hump bridge. Now it's a case of smooth rolling chicanes and relatively long straights before you get to another crossroads (WARNING - looking to right is a bit blind so be prepared for fast moving traffic to come from right. proceed down here where there are some nice twisties as you head into Drimpton, new 30MPH speed limit in place here. Drimpton is easy to negotiate and then it's onwards through a few more twisties, nice twisties and the road surface is divine. Next you zoom in unexpectely into Broadwindsor, you need to take a right at a sort of crossroad area to get to Bridport, from here is where the fun really starts, firstly you need to negotiate some tight right and lefts handers, almost hairpin then the road narrows so try and stay as far left that is safe, from here you get a few nice twisties and then a beaming long straight on the top of the Dorset hills and if it is sunny you can get some great views of all the scenery, high speeds are possible along this straight (Remember high speeds = 60MPH. ;)). From here you get into a few more twisties before you head into a village called Salwayash. Quite a long 30MPH section here but the road is very wide so have some fun round the corners if you like. From here is a short NSL area until you get into Bridport. Now you can have an ice cream or head to West Bay to show off your pride and joy. Jon.

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