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281 / Skyway Hwy : Heflin - Cheaha State Park

AL - Talladega/Clay/Rando... > Alabama > United States > America
October 28, 2010 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

Really good combination of great, scenery, wide well paved road and nice corners, well worth a look

B1145 : Mundesley - Kings Lynn (A trans-Norfolk byway)

East Anglia > United Kingdom > Europe
March 7, 2005 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.6

The B1145 is a nice route to take you from one side of Norfolk to the other without seeing much traffic and zero congestion. Start in Mundesley and follow B1145 to North Walsham. This is a wide country lane type road with lots of bends.At traffic lights at N Walsham turn right twds Cromer (A149) and then take the 3rd left (Greens Road) twds Felmingham. At T Jct turn right back onto B1145 and continue to T Jct with A140 at Aylsham. This part more open with views across bends but some speed limits in villages. At A140 turn left and continue to roundabout. Go straight on, back onto B1145 twds Reepham and Cawston. Some nice open stretches here but also some hidden bends in trees and dips. At X-rds in Reepham turn right twds Bawdeswell. (Public toilet in market Place just to left at this x-rds.)At T Jct with A1067 in Bawdeswell turn right and then 2nd left back onto B1145. This is where the fun starts! From here route is fairly open all the way to Gayton 5 miles from Kings Lynn. Villages all have speed limits and Police do pay attention now and again. Also main hazard is locals pulling out of side roads, some on bends but usually signed, anticipating the fastest moving vehicle being the local milk float. At numerous X-rds carry straight on but some are some slightly staggered.After the A1065 the road really opens out for the last few miles to Gayton but beware junctions on/ just around bends for the first bit. At Gayton its a fairly straight run into Kings Lynn mostly in a 50 MPH limit.A fairly long route with the best bit being from Bawdeswell to Gayton.

Paphos - Polis

Cyprus > Cyprus > Europe
October 10, 2006 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.5

Use: Road Bike
Proceed to the Tomb of the Kings seashore road E701 towards Pegia village but before turning right for Pegia turn again right for Adonis baths. It's a nice place for a visit and history says that this is the place which goddess of Love, Aphrodite, has chosen to meet her lover, Adonis. At the place there are two blue lagoon pools with some height difference and you can swim and also dive from one to another. Return back from the same road and at the end turn right and very shortly you will see the road signs for Pegia. Reaching Pegia set heading for Kathikas village and start ascending which in a while you will be able to enjoy a nice view of the area, especially on afternoons. Passing Kathikas, in a few kilometers turn right towards Arodhes, Inia and Droushia villages. A beautiful route reaching its best during spring time which you can enjoy the green plant less high hils with a view to the blue sea accompanied by the fabulous smell of the blossoming wild flowers, have a stop and gather those superb gifts of nature. The above mentioned villages are newly renovated to their traditional character which is interesting to visit and also you can have a coffee or a traditional local meal(especially in Droushia) in a local taverna. Leaving Droushia you will have the chance to enjoy a nice view of the Chrisochou bay. Continue road E709 towards Polis and Latsi. Coming to T junction, turning left you will reach the small fishermen harbor of Latsi. Continuing further on the same road E704 you can visit Aprodites baths (nothing spectacular) or you can enter the Akamas peninsula which is great place to see but you need an on/off bike (you can rent from Polis). Turning right from the T junction mentioned above, you will head on the small town of Polis (camping side available). If you wish to ride in more remote seaside roads you can take road E704 towards Pirgos/Argaka/Pomos . The ride is very nice giving the rider nice views of seaside scenery, the road ends at Pirgos /food/gas station available). For the return trip you can choose to take the Troodos mountains (ask locals for directions), a nice paved windy road through Paphos forest, very nice but quit long duration (due to low speed) alternate route.
Notes: Spring summer season recommended / easy access to any kind of facility
photo 1: A break to feel and see nature at its best
photo 2: Akamas peninsula on a cloudy day

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