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Karjaa - Fiskars - Lohja

Etelä-Suomen lääni (So... > Finland > Europe
January 31, 2011 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

This route, a half-day trip, runs through the oldest industrial villages in Finland. Famous are the names like Billnäs, Fiskars, Antskog and the town Lohja. You may stop specially in the village Fiskars - Fiskari which is now (after steel industry's collaps in 70's) a centre of handicraft and modern art with many attractions and very nice historical environment. The whole road line from Karjaa to Lohja is mostly original and due to this, very interesting to drive. The length of the route gives some extra bonus for the day. There are quite different road profiles to drive, either slowly or more aggressively in uninhabited sections. There are many villages to stop for eating and to see countrylife in Finland. The last 17 km long section from Myllykylä to Lohja is named as one of the most beautiful roads in Finland. This whole route can well be combined with the Inkoo - Karjaa route, the both having about the same shape and spirit.

Hanko - Bromarv (Riding the Spine)

Etelä-Suomen lääni (So... > Finland > Europe
January 9, 2012 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.5

Forrest, hills, twists and sharp turns, drops, chicanes, double S-bends this road has it all. A very exciting challenge at speed or very scenic cruise riding up the spine of the Hanko peninsula (Forrest Coastal), passing Manor houses in Preskula ( look out for the Iron Smithy) onto a Fabulously twisting Spine of a road down to Bromarv with beautiful views of the sea from elevated vantage points.

1050 : Inkoo - Karjaa ( Fagervik historical path )

Etelä-Suomen lääni (So... > Finland > Europe
January 31, 2011 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

This road is a part of the medieval road running through South Finland from west to east. The road line is mostly original and due to this, very 'curly'. The region is one of the earliest and longest populated in Finland. Begin your afternoon in the cafe of the Inkoo boat harbour and then start. The first 4 km distance of the route is gravel covered, but the rest is well paved. Stop at the historical village Fagervik to have a look in the historical iron factory (stopped in year 1902). Near the village Snappertuna you meet the ruins of the medieval castle Raseborg. The road itself is very interesting and challenging to drive. The medieval road profile is made for horses and this makes the route very surprising to drive when governing one-two hundred modern horse powers. But do it, this old 'King's Road' is worth to experience.

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