Montezuma Valley Road : Ranchita - Borrego Springs

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agheinig | April 2, 2007 | America > United States > California Motorcycle Roads > CA - Orange/Riverside/San Diego/Imperial...

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April 4, 2015 - Star Rating Graphic

this road is awesome. by far my favorite. police precense is almost non existant on this road. they hang out at the town center once in a blue moon. its mainly old people in borrego, though the few bikers that come through, mostly are just cruisers passing by. a few sportbikes but nothing overwhelming to attract attention. only time chp bothers coming through is when they are en route to san diego, or there is an accident, which both are very rare. the road is awesome going up or down. on the top it begins with a nice straight away right past the convenience store on your left and a sign saying sharp curves ahead. ( yes! ) it then drops into a heaven of sweepers and twisties alike. most turns you can see all the way through. sharp curns, cut a delayed apex and you will be good to go. you can also see a few turns coming up so you can be on the lookout for hazards. its always warm in borrego so i often times head there during the cooler months in san diego, or mornings during the summer. still fun either way. once you get to the bottom there are a bunch of fun restaurants to eat at as well as plenty of gas stations. carlees is a favorite spot for burgers and a good mexican place across the street called los jilbertos. a chain, but still good. often a biker favorite are those two restaurants. once you head back up the mountain, its even better, as you can negotiate the corners with more speed and grace. borrego is also great because you can hit palomar if you go up the mountain, or you can go around the town center, and head towards julian, where you will go up plenty of great twisties on banner grade with fantastic pavement before it dumps you into the town center of julian, where again, there are plenty of food stops. if you havent ridden montezuma and you live in the san diego area you are missing out big time.

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April 2, 2007 - Star Rating Graphic

Montezuma Valley road is loaded with tight, decreasing radius and mid to low speed corners. The view is spectacular from a height of over 3000 ft to the desert floor below but be sure to keep your eyes on the road as the drop off's are VERY steep. This is a favorite SoCal sport bike road so there will be some fast company on the way down and back up. The road was just repaved and is perfect - just watch for rock fall from the cliffs putting debris on the inside radius. There are some great places to eat and stay in Borrego Springs and it will set you up to ride back toward San Diego over some great mountain and desert roads.

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