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  • Kebo
  • 2003 GL1800
  • score: 5
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June 7, 2017 - Star Rating Graphic

Hwy 145 has good surface and slight turns with lots of hills and long straights. Traffic is usually slight to moderate.

Hwy 235 has good road surface with slight turns and short straights. Typically this is a low traffic hwy.

Cheaha Rd is barely a 2 lane road with fair surface. You will find few straight a ways on Cheaha Rd and many sharp, blind corners with occasional debris whether it be gravel, pine straw or small limbs that have been swept into the roadway. You will also likely encounter the occasional oncoming vehicle traveling down the mountain.

Hwy 281 has a very good road surface and wide sweeping turns. Be aware that the beautiful scenery on this road tends to grab your attention and there are a couple of sweeping turns that are deceiving because the radius of the turn gets tighter about halfway thru the curve so don't be fooled or distracted.

Hwy 49 is a decent surface state hwy with lots of good sweeping curves and straight a ways. The state has put tar and gravel patches in the 4 wheeler driving tracks which is a little aggravating to me and I try to ride between them or outside them. This typically is a low traffic road and lots of fun despite the patches. On this stretch of road I have found a good BBQ place in Lineville where I like to eat. It is named Partner's BBQ and the address is 89663 AL-9, Lineville, AL 36266 just in case you are looking for a bite to eat.

Hwy 14 between Tallassee and Wetumpka is a good smooth surface road but heavily traveled.

Hwy 111 and 143 are excellent surface roads with slight to moderate traffic and some really nice sweeping turns.

Hwy 31 is a state hwy with fair to good road surface but will be heavily traveled.

Motorcycle Traveller Avatar Image
  • Kebo
  • 2003 GL1800
  • score: 5

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