A343 : Andover - Newbury

Star Rating Graphic (3.33) 18 kms
| June 3, 2005 | Europe > United Kingdom Motorcycle Roads > South East England and London

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Corners Star Rating Graphic (4.3)
TwistinessStar Rating Graphic (1.4)
StraightsStar Rating Graphic (3.3)
SceneryStar Rating Graphic (4)
VisibilityStar Rating Graphic (3)
Road SurfaceStar Rating Graphic (3.3)
HazardsStar Rating Graphic (3.3)
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April 27, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

This is a great blast on a well surfaced road. As mentioned, if the weathers clement (they dont speed trap in the cold or rain) watch for police in Hurstbourne - they are in plain view if youre coming down the hill past the garage, but hidden from the other direction. If you travel from Newbury to Andover, I would take the right hand signed Penton Mewsey before Enham (after exiting the wooded run after Hurstbourne) - this avoids the slow Enham village section and has two great left-right sequences.

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July 7, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

The usual place the police have a trap is hidden behind the bus stop on the RHS as you leave hurstbourne. They are usually clocking traffic travelling south down the hill into the village but are always interested in bikes pasing through the village. The road is fast, hazzards well signed and the surface good. Watch out for vehicles on your side of the road on blind corners.

June 3, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

This review is from www.motorcyclesunited.com As you leave Andover under Enham Arch you are tempted by a short stretch of dual carriageway interspersed with a couple of fast clearview roundabouts - get the tyres warmed up here. Give it a quick blast on the short stretch of open road between Andover and Enham, but watch out 'cos this road holds flood water for days after rain. Steady through Enham and don't be tempted to wind-it up too quickly 'cos the first right hander is tight. Now you can go. Into the dip and then into the forrest stretch (some nice twisties - watch out for pheasants and deer) before emerging high above Hurstbourne. The drop into Hurstbourne is quite steep, over the bridge, lovely double-s (slow though and steady for villagers). As you come out of the village you get a clear view up the hill - wind it back here and burn-off the slowbies. Fast right hander at the top and then power on down the straight past Essebourne Manor. The next bit I find tricky. A sweeping downhill right-hander through the forrest, followed by a moderatley tight lefty at the bottom. I don't know if it's a slight unfavourable camber, or 'cos I've seen too many cars ploughing fields here, but that combo plays on my mind and I always tighten-up! Now a couple of fast bends and up and downy bits (good stuff) before a long up-hill straight through the trees (this looks stunning coming the other way). At the top, another combo, this time a lefty, followed by a down-hill right and then a fast left, before hitting the straight past the Yew Tree. Steady thro' Highclere, under the A34 and onwards into Newbury. If you do this in reverse, watch out for speed-traps: (i) as you come out of Highclere and (ii) at the bottom of the hill as you enter Hurstbourne. Have fun. About 15 miles of it!

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