B5324 / A6006 : Ashby-De-La-Zouch - Melton Mowbray

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July 18, 2012 - Star Rating Graphic

Done this route many times, love it, find a quiet time of day with the sun out and it can be a real blast. So far done it on a blade, R1, futura, and a blackbird. Just got a Hayabusa and looking forward to giving the route another test. To be honest the new speed restrictions are a pain but i watch the road not the sign ;)
Enjoy! but watch the blind junction just after a sharp right with a pub on your left.

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  • Mykul
  • Suzuki Hayabusa
  • score: 2
November 1, 2011 - Star Rating Graphic

Part of my 600 mile a week commute. Use the B5324 & A6006 section of the route from the A512 to the A60.
Sadly in the last 2 years, there have been a few incidents.
When you come off the A512 the B5324 is a 50mph limit with a right and left bend that you can take easily at 50mph if you take the advanced line.
This then becomes a straight which then widens up. Directly to the left is a junction that leads to an industrial estate and the back end of Donington Park. To the right is a junction and a pub.
Advised to straddle or off side the ride so those from the left can see you.
The road then starts to narrow and approach a small brow with dead ground and a 40mph. Directly on the left is a house with several cars which will reverse out.
This 40mph (Griffydam) section has a left and right bend with a pub on the left hand side of the right hand bend. If you are lucky, you can see the on coming traffic before you reach the left and right flick so you can offside to take a direct line.
Beaware of cars reversing out of the pub. When you immediately pass the pub you then meet a hill with a blind crest and a cross roads on top of the crest.
When you pass the signs would advise that you are directly to the left of the road and sound your horn several times. When you start to see the crest appear, would then advise you then start to take the middle of the lane (Not the road) so you have a good position incase vehicles have come out of either junction.
When clear of the junction. You then enter a 50mph with a couple of blind dips, but you can get in an overtake or 2 before the right hand bend.
At the right hand bend you can look across to the left hand bend that is coming up, and if nothing is coming you can straight line it to the left hand bend which when countersteering is still achieveable at 50mph. You then come into the village of Griffydam which is a 40mph section. On the right is a few houses and sometimes a Leicestershire Police P anda car is sometimes parked up. The road flicks round to the right and then to the left.
Be aware as oncoming vehicles may stray over. When you pass the left hand bend you then approach a cross roads. Which when in the advanced position of staying to the right gives you a clear view of the road which flows uphill to the left and into a 50mph zone.
Which then immediately takes you into a right hand bend, this in the advanced left position is acheiveble at 50mph, but again watchout for oncoming vehicles stradling over.
The road then straightens out with a few farm roads, watchout for tractors and combines here !!! And on the left is dog breeding farm and kennels. When clear of the junctions the road opens up and feeds out to the right with a left hand bend with a dip a straight and a left hand bend with incline to a 40mph.
In this dip, on the right is a layby, but with enough power you can overtake and straight line between the two bends and set yourself up for the left hand ascent and roll off the throttle for the 40mph.
On the other side of the 40mph side is a cross roads which is on a left hand bend. Here you need to be covering the horn and you can also straight line to the left hand bend.
The road carries on where there is a left hand junction and a right hand bend with a house situated very close to the left hand bend,
Be aware of a few drain covers and a solid white line, as in the wet they are slippery and certain times of the year this section does get a lot of farm traffic.
Once clear of the bend the road carries on as a straight with houses on the left hand side with parking spaces. Beaware as sometimes Leicestershire Traffic Police will sit there doing a speed check.
This section of road when clear can see a 2 car overtake or more if there is a tractor.
The road then curves to the right into a 50 zone with a left kink with a nice powerful straight for another overtake or 2 before approaching a sweeping right hand bend with a house to the left.
Immediately after the house is a left hand bend covered with trees. This left hand bend is tight, when you have on coming traffic.
The road then opens up for another over take or 2, which then comes up to the the Shepshed turn off on the right hand side, which you can see them approaching the junction but they can't see you.
If there is a car turning right to Shepshed, there is space on the left to squeeze through at filtering speed before progressing on to the next left hand bend.
At this point the road surface in your lane changes as there is tarmac with overbanding covering half of the left hand lane on the bend. This left hand bend then moves into a 90 degree right hand bend, but you can see on coming traffic so you can clip the apex of this bend before moving back in the left hand lane for the next left kink.
This left hand kink has a junction on the left, which is partially blind to those coming out of it. So best to stay to the right.
This then opens up to a straight and 60mph national. Keep to the left as there are bumps. You can get an overtake or 3 here before the motorway bridge which you pass under. However beaware to the left field entrance immediately after the bridge as Leicestershire Police Traffic Cops do like to sit in there as they have a good clear view looking along this section.
The road then takes you on a nice sweeping left hand bend before reducing down to 50mph, then whilst taking the right hand section, throttle off to enter the 40mph of Long Watton. Beaware of drain covers and houses to the right and a junction to the left. Once past the road furniture this then opens up to 50mph with another sweeping left hand bend, with a straight and a left hand junction that sees alot of vehicles enter and come out, so be vigialant.
The road then sweeps round to the right with another right hand bend that then leads you to a 40mph and the A6 at Hathern Garden Centre.
Turning left and then right takes you on the A6006.
Beware that the A6006 is now a 60mph from the A6 to Zouch. 40mph from Zouch to the otherside of the Canal bridge and is NOW 50mph !!!! all the way to the Rempstone Cross Roads on the A60.
Notts and Leicestershire Police are now setting up regular speed traps with a white series 1 BMW parked on random bends on verges with entrances to fields.

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February 27, 2009 - Star Rating Graphic

One of my Favourite routes. Me and my best mate just enter at Ashby and keep going. Nothings stops us.

Brilliant scenery, and some spectacular corners make for what i think is one of the best roads in the area.

Another + is iv never seen a police car in nearly over a year, so thats never a bad thing.

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October 15, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

One of my favourite local roads. Usually give this road an outing a couple of times a year, especially on Tuesday evenings during the summer with a stop off at the Grey Ox bike meet on the A46 near Six Hills, before heading back to Bassetts Pole in time for all the nutters to have gone home!

Most unusual sight was a full fox hunt one Saturday crossing the B5324 near Belton.

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  • simonhep
  • BMW R1200RT Honda VTR1000
  • score: 23
December 3, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

August 12, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

Never had a real problem with traffic on the B5324, and what little there is gives you something to hunt! Be very cautious on the rise out of Griffydam, there's a totally blind cross-roads on the top. A6006 can be busy, and with slow traffic, so give it a miss around rush-hour.

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  • Harts
  • Kawasaki ZX-9RE1
  • score: 2
April 4, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

heavy route still!!!

February 18, 2005 - Star Rating Graphic

This roads actually start just outside Ashby-De-La-Zouch at the junction of the A42, From here take the A512 towards Loughborough. After just over 1 mile take the left turning towards Hathern on the B5324 and enjoy the next 7 1/2 miles (Watch out for the 40 limit). At the junction with the A6 turn left and then right and onto the glorious A6006 towards Melton Mowbray.

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