N3-3: Azambuja - Muge

(2) 21 kms
pma_id | August 25, 2012 | Europe > Portugal Motorcycle Roads > Central Portugal
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Corners (2)
Twistiness (2)
Straights (4)
Scenery (4)
Visibility (3)
Road Surface (2)
Hazards (3)
Police Presence (1)


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August 25, 2012 -

This route is a different and mostly unknown way to cross the river Tejo. The narrow road runs mostly trough tomato fields and by two small airfields before reaching the small bridge. This is a one way bridge so you might have to wait some minutes at the lights.

WARNING: The bridge has a steel mesh surface! This is a dangerous surface for a two-wheeled vehicle so calculate well the risk of crossing it! Maintain a low constant speed and dont get distracted by the scenery.

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