Jordan & Syria

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Peter Sever | January 23, 2011 | Asia > Jordan Motorcycle Roads > Jordan
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January 23, 2011 -

Google maps will not let me trace the Syria portion. But our blog has it. We did both countries in two directions: N>S and S>N.

The Jordan mountains are great riding! Beautiful and curvy with good pavement. But don go there to try beat the Alps in twisties, go to explore. They are a step backwards in time after Turkey, especially Syria.

Palmyra Syria on of of the great Roman era cities still standing and totally mid-Sahara. If you haven seen Petra Jordan put it on your short list. And much more.

Our blogs on these places:

Just do not tell the Syrians you are going to Israel, and youll have no border problems.

But DO see Israel, its fantastic and such a huge difference in progress on the worst real estate ...

This is all an easy adventure ride from Europe. You just need the time.

Costs: CHEAP. Worth it.

Peter Sever
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