L499 Schwarzbach - Frankeneck

Star Ratings
3 star route rating
Corners : 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.5
Straights : 2 star route rating Motorcycle Road2.0
Scenery : 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0
Road Surface : 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0
Visibility : 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.5
Police Presence : green 1 Motorcycle Road1.0
Hazards : green 3 Motorcycle Road3.0

Route Added By : Walrond
Date : December 14, 2006
Length : 22 kms / 13.7 miles
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Road Type : Rural
Map Key : Red = Excellent | Blue = Good | Purple = Other Recommended
June 7, 2010 - 3 star route rating Motorcycle Road3.0

Another part of my ride. A little more traffic on this road so got stuck a few times unable to pass the logging trucks. You do hit a few towns along the way so you will do some curves then have to slow it up then over again. There was one part I did not like was on a few curves here were potholes all along the curve sometimes on the inner part of the lanes sometimes the outer. Would rather do the 48 or the 39 than this one again.

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December 14, 2006 - 4 star route rating Motorcycle Road4.0

***THIS ROAD IS CLOSED TO MOTORCYCLES ON WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS*** And you will see signs on each end to the effect. Starting from the B48 (see Review) at Johaniskreuz / Schwarzbach and heading East towards Frankeneck you will be going downhill the whole way. The road is in pretty good shape and passed through about 5 villages with only two that make you really slow down. It is full of tight sweeping corners and a few very sharp corners because if follows a stream from top to bottom. You really don't see a lot of motorcycles on the route due to the fact that you can only ride during the weekdays and I have never seen the police. It's easy to keep a good pace and while there are very few straight-a-ways, there are several opportunities to pass if you get behind a slower vehicle. The roads on either end of the L499 are both fantastic rides. If you head down towards Frankeneck be sure to take a left at the B39 towards Frankenstein for another really good twisty road (but with heavier traffic).

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