Roundtrip Åland : Jomala - Salvik - Tjudö - Sålis

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leifm | May 20, 2016 | Europe > Finland Motorcycle Roads > Länsi-Suomen lääni (Western Finland)

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May 20, 2016 - Star Rating Graphic

Great roads for cruising You can find an example of a route that is fun to drive (or cycle) - at least if you like twist and turns. Drive the whole route from Mariehamn and back again or just selected parts. Note that road names are not always along all roads. 1. Begin in Mariehamn and drive along Highway 1 (the Hammarland road) towards Eckerö. Then turn left at the crossroad to Torp and Tellholm and into Torpvägen. The road turns a lot and it is close to the houses. Then turn left again when you come to Kattby, now you're back on the main road first 2. From Kattby continue along Highway 1 towards Eckerö. Turn right at Hugo's grocery store in Frebbenby and continue along Mörbyvägen and Boviksvägen towards Morby, Bredbolstad and Bovik. From Bovik you continue on Skarpnåtövägen against Sålis - stay happy at Sålis battery, there are ruins of a Russian cannon battery - and continue south back to Highway 1. The alternative is to turn north at Sålis and continue to Skarpnåtö and homestead where . A beautiful road, but note that it is a dead end, then you have to turn around and drive back. 3. Back on the main road 1 again you continue towards Mariehamn until it is time to turn left in Näfsby and continue towards Emkarby and Gölby along Emkarbyvägen. In Emkarby you make another left turn towards Markusböle, Pålsböle and Black Mara and Mara continues along the Black Road. Run all the way to the Pålsböle intersection and turn left again at Pålsbölevägen towards Bartsgårda. To the right is Finström if you want to stay and make a visit. Otherwise, you continue towards Bartsgårda until it is time to make a new left turn to Bastö and Vando and continue Bastövägen. Drive along Bastövägen and then turn right onto Vandövägen. The road runs along the Vandöfjärden and when you come to Kungsholms current waiting a small canal with a rest. Stop over at the picnic. From the canal you follow Vandövägen a little bit, then turn right at the Killing Holmvägen and drive to Highway 4 (the Geta road), where you turn left towards Godby. 4. Drive along Highway 4 until it is time to turn towards Tjudö. Here you pass Tjudö Vineyard that offers guided tours and farm sales in the summer. After the vineyard waits a very winding but fun road. Remember to drive carefully, it is often much gravel and dirt on the road. It is only to drive further along Tjudövägen by Pettböle and then continue along the Daglösavägen down to Nääs. There you turn left towards Kvarnbo when you reach Saltviksvägen. 5. Kvarnbo you turn left at the store and into the Långbergsödavägen. Then drive on towards Rangsby and Tengsöda and turn right on Sonnrödavägen against Björby (road becomes Björbyvägen). In Björby you left the North Sundsvägen and run against Burn and Sibby. Please note that the road is NOT paved the whole way. Drive through Sibby, turn right towards Persby and Finby at the crossroad and then continue straight along Mångstektavägen until you come to Highway 2 (the Sund). Here you can either turn left if you want to visit Vårdö or the fortress ruins in Bomarsund - or turn right towards Mariehamn. In Tosarby you can also turn left and drive along Tosarbyvägen to the medieval castle of Kastelholm, Jan Karlsgårdens open-air museum and the local prison Vita Björn. Here is also Jan Karl Wärdshus if you want coffee or eat a hot meal. 6. From the Kastelholm ancient monument area you continue along Torsarbyvägen, then turn left when you reach the main road 2 and continue towards Mariehamn. At Färjsundsbron right before Godby, you pass Uffe cafe overlooking the mountain with its observation tower, where you can also stop for refreshments. Continue towards Mariehamn until it is time to turn left towards Ämnäs. Follow Topic Road and then turn left again at Ängsgatan against Björsby. In Björsby you turn left again at Jomala Village Street and continue towards Jomalaby. The houses are really close to the road. Another left hand turn takes you on Dammvägen towards Ytterby and Overby. Go through Overby and follow Överbyvägen until you reach Önningebyvägen where you turn right. Continue to Old Godbyvägen where you turn right again. Soon you will see the Jomala church on your right. The church is one of Finland's oldest stone churches. At the crossroads below the church, turn left down St. Olofsväg, cross the main road 2 and then continue straight ahead along Södersunda road until you reach Gottby and main road 1 (the Hammarland road) again. Now it is time to turn left and drive back to Mariehamn. As described on

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  • leifm
  • BMW R1150RS
  • score: 152

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