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Devils Rollercoaster

Communidad Valencian/Murc... > Spain > Europe
October 7, 2017 - 5 star route rating Motorcycle Road5.0

This is my first review so i just put my favourite first....
This is a short run starting at tarbena which is good for lunch the local boar is great .. set in the mountains or my play ground as to say .
So first off from tarberna great views to right after the right turn theres a view point worth a stop ,, next gear up as the roller coaster begins , there are numerous quite steep up hills with a ¨sharpish¨ bend to a down hill not to be done at speed if u don't know ..and its blind so be very careful !! like i said u will do this again when you know it !! its quite a thrill after theres a nice pass a open Valle if you stop in the middle to your right there is a track to some old houses and ruins if u follow the track to the end( its a gravel stoney surface but flat) u will find a runway with one of the best views east .... following back on the trail ,,,then down hill a couple of sharp U bends great scenery and road surface is very very good (thank you europe we will pay u back) finally u will end up at at T junction at castell de castells nice place to stop. I will post whats left or right another day enjoy disfruta and be safe .

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