The route of Cortez

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Motoquest | March 20, 2007 | America > Mexico > East/Southeast : Mexico/G...

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January 30, 2008 - Star Rating Graphic

700km net distance from Veracruz to Mexico City
Gas needed 70 litres
Estimated cost per rider $300 USD
Duration 3 days
Place: Central Mexico along 5 States: Veracruz (VER), Puebla (PUE), Tlaxcala (TLAX), Estado de México (MEX) and Distrito Federal (DF)
Historically accurate dual-purpose-bike adaptation of the legendary 1519 march of Hernán Cortés and the spaniards from their landing site in the Gulf Of Mexico all the way to the Aztec capital of Thenochtitlan to the exact place where Cortez met the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II.< r> You can experience history in first-person with this 3-day, 700km and 5-State journey, arriving at the same places and in the same order that the spanish conquistador did 5 centuries ago, seeing the same breathtaking landscapes. From tarmac to gravel paths, from sea level up to 3,700 metres in the famous Cortes Pass between two of the largest volcanoes in Mexico Visit all the archaeological sites and mesoamerican cities along thw route, including the three different cities called Veracruz founded by the spaniards (among others). Ride through great landscapes around Mexico's 6 highest volcanoes, visit the site where the spaniards landed arriving from Cuba in 1519 and the place where they left in 1825 after the Mexican Independence War. Visit the first town, and the first Church ever built in the American Continent, also the first Hospital, even the hidden place where Cortez is buried in Mexico.
Summary: A great ride to fully understand the fall of the Aztec Empire and taste the adventure behind the conquest of Mexico.

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