Prince George Streetfight

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madmac74 | January 26, 2015 | America > Canada Motorcycle Roads > British Columbia

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January 26, 2015 - Star Rating Graphic

This is my Daily commute. In full gear. It gets the blood going and I´m Mixin it up with Cagers. Watch out for Gravel , Pot holes, Cigerette butts, drunk locals , Crazy Ivans, and just general unsafe drivers. If i don´t like what I see, I leave! Kill or be Killed , Remember?
Get the tires warmed up comin outa Miworth and into a Carosel right onto Foothills BVLD. Over the Nechko River and a right onto N.Nechako Drive . Now yer in population!. Take it easy past the Brewery ,lots of Driveways here,Past the Cement plant , Pot holes here too, so pick a smooth line, into a traffic circle @ 6 o´clock and A right turn to 3 o´clock , give er a snort into a tight blind left changing to Right and onto River road. Grab a handfull and give a nod to the new shift starting at the sawmill. Follow river road til it intersects with hwy 16 East. Make a sharp left and Crack It again up the hill over the Fraser river into a fast left handed Sweeper past the Jail . I´ve seen Cops here from time to time , Continue up the hill to a slow partially blind off Camber right past the ESSO station, past both auto wreckers and into another traffic circle @ 9 o´clock and out ,on the Gas, @ 3o´clock. This is a brand new road , Nothing around but trees, cut back 100 feet on either side and perfect pavement .... Let er Fly!! Get whoa´ed up for an excellent knee draggin right into your own merge lane onto Hwy 97. Down the hill back into Prince George to the Husky for a 180 Degree knee draggin Left , (watch out for trucker don!!). A few more turns and I´m at work ...wish i could keep going !!

The ride home is a bit more mellow, but its usually dark out! Stick to hwy 97 to 5th ave, gas it for the stupid light at Ahbu, that changes for no bloody reason.. Down a few blocks for a right ( bumpy) onto Ospika BLVD. This takes you down two a couple of nice off camber 3 gear corners , but its blind driveways, not to bad at night thou. Cagers are sleeping ! Hook up with Otway rd back over Foothills BVLD and open er up . Now that yer outa town you can relax and enjoy the, DEER, or MOOSE or SNOWSHOE HARE !! Usually the 3 Foxes I see just eyeball me as I speed by . Over 3 rail way crossing , and sometimes catch and pass a westbound train, and i´m home. All In all It sure beats Driving a cage to work!!

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