Vlorë - Sarandë

(4) 115 kms
igor.korousic | October 1, 2008 | Europe > Albania Motorcycle Roads > Albania
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Corners (4)
Twistiness (1.8)
Straights (2.8)
Scenery (4.3)
Visibility (2.5)
Road Surface (2.5)
Hazards (3.8)
Police Presence (2.5)


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March 20, 2016 -

I did this trip in March 2016 with a street bike during a business trip to Albania. I really liked it!

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July 4, 2015 -

Just did this route (twice) on the way to a short holyday to Paxos, simply superb! I overnight in Himare (Rondo’s Hotel), cheap, super clean and great food. The drive was a real pleasure and the scenery was spectacular.

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October 2, 2008 -

This route is best accessible from Corfu or from Ioninna, Greece. From Vlore continue towards Durres. There is a ferry from Durres to Bari, Italy. Fuel no problem, people kind and friendly. I didnt find it dangerous.

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October 1, 2008 -

its as wild and beautifull as it can get and not many bikers have gone there. The road is under construction but Ive done it with a HD Road King so any other bike could do it

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