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Calais to Switzerland
April 29, 2020 by Views : 5389

When the lockdown is over i plan to ride from Calais to Switzerland avoiding motorways and toll road.......

Can I view all routes in a country (as I can on my computer) on the iphone app?
May 6, 2019 by Kevsanders Views : 9014

I´ve just purchased the iphone app for my iPhoneXs, but I cant view a map of France with all the co.......

Le Touquet Beach Race 2017
January 20, 2017 by rabbit Views : 19790

This year we will attend the biggest motorsport event in the world, the beach race at Le Touquet. .......

France Diagonal Off Road
January 20, 2017 by rabbit Views : 11928

So this year (2017), I am looking to for a new motorcycle travel experience. A couple of years a.......

Corsica - Dramatic coast and fantastic biking roads
August 6, 2016 by rabbit Views : 10437

Corsica is one of my favourite biking destinations in Europe. I love the dramatic wild coast, the ro.......

Normandy, France
August 4, 2016 by Dantzerman Views : 11100

Hi, I want to bike near some of the touristy areas in Normandy so there are plenty of places to stop.......