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Detroit to Berea Ohio Ride

Posted on August 16, 2020 by Terrysgarage
Posted on August 16, 2020 by Terrysgarage (Member Score: 0)

Planning a ride mid next week from the Detroit area to Berea Ohio with a friend. The plan is to rail fan for a bit, and get a great meal at the Berea Union Station depot. Berea is the intersection point for 4 rail lines, and gets over 100 trains every 24 hours. We are taking two Triumphs. Here are my questions:

Is there a freeway exit for Yondota Ave coming off I-280 South (Yondota turns into Route 2 along the coast)

What is Route 2 like, busy, stop lights etc. (we will Route 2 into Berea, and I-80 the way back)

We will take Route 2 into Route 6 to continue the coastal ride (how nice is out on Route 6?)

Of the two roads to leave Route 6 into Berea, which is nicer Crocker (turns into Steams) or Dover Center Road?

From there it is a left on Bagely to Rocky River Drive to Depot Street.

Any tips over all for Ohio motorcycle travel?

Thanks, Terry

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