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UK to Scandinavia

Posted on March 13, 2020 by crispyduck
Posted on March 13, 2020 by crispyduck (Member Score: 0)

I am looking for a decent route from UK to Stockholm Sweden. The absence of ferries to Scandinavia from anywhere in the UK makes it a bit challenging to sort the most efficient/interesting route.

Anyone done this route or similar to Sweden.

I would also like to hear about routes in Norway............perhaps to Nordcap!


Posted on May 21, 2020 by KiwiDano (Member Score: 0)

I did from Amsterdam to Northcap 2 years ago. From Amsterdam to Sweden is a pretty boring ride no matter what way you go. I just hit the highway and tried to get up there as soon as I could. Took a direct route through Germany to Denmark, then crossed at Copenhagen.
I didn't have any plan of things to see on the way, just wanted to avoid the crowds, so took a central rotue up sweden through the lakes and forestry (a fair bit of gravel by choice). Up to the Barrets sea then on to North Cap. headed back down Norway along the coast. Lofoten Islands, down to the ferry in Kristiansand over to top of Denmark and back to Amsterdam.
All the roads in Scandinavia were awsome, i only had a loose plan and decided each day what route i would take. I was camping the route so found some good apps and planned my route by where i coud stay. I started in my Tent but ended up usually renting little cabins at the camping sites. (it pissed down with rain most of my trip). I found that camping method really good and no issues along the way.
My only warning is especially in the North of sweden and Norway watch out for the reindeer and sheep on the road. the sheep sleep on it and the reindeer come out of nowhere to cross the road. Met a few guys that dropped their bikes due to the deer.
Anyway I know this doesn't answer you question but hopefully helpful anyway. Attached is the plan i took (flags are my accomadation and ferry etc).
good luck

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