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Driving in Czech Republic

Posted on August 8, 2016 by Weesper
Posted on August 8, 2016 by Weesper (Member Score: 0)

Hello all.

first of all many thanks to BBR for coming up with a forum. it is a nice way to interact with fellow riders.

WIth help of BBR, last year I made a great trip, in French alsace mountains.

I am planning a 5 days trip this summer in czech republic. I understand there are many best places to visit in this country, I also understand it has many mountains in north, east and to the south with lot of forests and beautiful nature. Since I only have 5 days and at the same time I do not want to spend whole day just riding but rather want to take it easy in riding and take breaks in between and cover in a day a maximum of 300 kms.

I will be riding from netherlands to czech, so I would like to avoid riding in motor ways :-) in Czech but rather only want to go via small roads with lots of curves and through country side. so that way, I can see some castles, lakes and local villages and nature.

I am looking for some tips and tops in terms of locations, routes, what to be careful with and what not to miss :-) from fellow riders who has experience in such trips,

many thanks for any suggestions.

BTW, I would be going alone and my plan is to stay in campings (or) do couch surfing. Just want to keep it a low cost affair :-)

Posted on August 9, 2016 by rabbit (Member Score: 4092)

Hi there,

That will be a nice trip!

I have not travelled extensively in the Czech Republic but if you would like scenic countryside, the Tatra mountains (on the eastern border of Czech with Slovakia are lovely. Prague, in my opinion is also unmissable, one of Europe's most interesting capitals to visit.

Travelling to and from Czech Republic on small roads will eat up a lot of your time, it is possible but it will probably mean that directly as you arrive, you will need to leave to start going back again.

Presuming that is undesirable, if it were my trip I would take the motorway to Prague, (about 850kms from Amsterdam. Then make the trip about driving to and around the Tatra mountains.

Here is an overview map of that shows the nice roads in that area and a few pictures I took there from my last trip there in 2012.

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Posted on August 11, 2016 by Weesper (Member Score: 0)

Hi There.

Thanks for the tips and suggestions.
Sorry I did not write my message good. What I meant is, from Amsterdam to Czech Republic, I will be going by Motorways, but after I arrive in the country Czech, I would like to avoid riding on motorways and only do in small roads within that country :-)


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